Wally Black

Texas Rockabilly & Country Singer


Wally Black was born on February 23, 1930 in Fort Worth, Texas. In 1958 he made his first recordings on Fable Records in Hollywood, California. The two records that was released in June 1958 was pure Rockabilly / Rock n Roll with songs like "Rock And Roll Mama" & "Rhythm In Your Soul". In 1959 he changed to Toppa records where he released several country records between 1959-1963. The most well known of this songs are a boppin hillbilly number called "Im A Country Boy". Wally released a total of 9 records during his career.

He also performed on the Squeakin Deacon radio show and continued to play music long after he had left the recording business. He performed at county fairs, nursing homes and talent shows. In the 1980s he was an Elvis impersonator at a club in Lakewood, California called " Ingy's`". Wally Black passed away in Camarillo, California on October 10, 2008.

Thanks to Wallys daughter Cheryl Funkhouser for the photos and information.

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