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Here you will find information about singers who released records in the Starday Custom serie, most records were pressed on the Dixie label.

Dixie Records was mainly a custom label which means that people send in a tape to press some records for privite use. This is one of the reasons why it is so hard to find records from Stardays custom serie. The music where often recorded in a living room or a garage. Of most records only 100-500 coopies where pressed, depending on how many people the owner knew that was intrested in raceiving a copy. Starday released almost 700 Country & Rockabilly records (Number 500-1186) in their custom service from 1953 until the late 1960s.


 1959 Skyline 752 (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania) Jimmy Wert And The Four Squirts - Please Believe Me / Bingo Blues

Jimmy Wert December 1929 - August 2001

"My Dad serviced in the army 18 to 22 yrs. old as a airplane mechanic. fell in love with a girl from phily got married had 9 kids 6 boys and 3 girls. My Dad loved music, him and his straight guitar. He almost made it in the 50s rite before Elvis Presley came out. Then Elvis came out and did what my Dad wanted to to do. He tryed ever since then to make it, but life got in the way. He passed in August of 2001."

Duane E Wert

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 Listen to "Bingo Blues"  Song sample Listen to "Please Believe Me"  Song sample


 1957 Blue Grass 641 (Pine St. Logan, West Virginia) Bob Varney & The Stoney Mountain Playboys - I Hear You Calling / Stoney Mountain Boogie

A-side is a Bluegrass song while the B-side is a rural and primitive Rockabilly Boogie. Recorded in West Virginia, members included Bob Varney, Hank (Curley) Hankins, Bill (Babe) Hiles & backup singer Nan Hiles.  Bob Varney could not read or write so the words to the song was written down by Nan Hiles. Bob died in a coal mine several years after this record was recorded.

 bob-varney-bluegrass.jpg   bob-varney-rockabilly-boogie.jpg


 1960 Dixie 906 (Tennessee) Elmer Bryant - Gertie's Garter Broke / Will I Be Ashamed Tomorrow

A-side is uptempo hillbilly and the B-side is a slow honky tonk song. When Elmer Bryant went to the studio to record the songs, the backing musicians were already there and had the music down. Two of the musicians were Jerry Reed on lead guitar and Floyd Cramer on piano. After the release of the single, not much happened as far as a recording career. He did work regularly as a bassist in a local Dixieland jazz band for quite a few years. And played on a local live radio show in Knoxville Tennessee called "The Midday Mary go Round, that would have Roy Acuff, and some of the biggest of the day. Elmer retired from full time music early on.

Thanks to Will Bryant

 elmer-bryant-gerties-garter-broke-dixie-starday-custom-1960.jpg elmer-bryant-dixie-906-hillbilly.jpg


1963  Flop 1012 (Franklin, North Carolina) Les Waldroop Accomp by Wade & Mickey - Got It Made (In The Shade) / A Country Boy`s Lament

A-side is pure Rockabilly and the B-side is a country song where Les sings about his life in the Smoky Mountains. Both songs are very primitive. Les was born April 29th, 1930 in Franklin, North Carolina. Franklin is a small town in Macon County surrounded by mountains. Les served in the Army in Korea. His first known record was released in 1955 on Centennial records with the two songs "Centennial Boogie" & "Shenandoah / Lil LIza Jane". The songs are uptempo country and Les is only accompanied by bass and electric guitar. The record was released to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the town Franklin in North Carolina. Only around 100 copies of the record were pressed.

In 1959 Les went to Demorest, Georgia, located not that far from Franklin NC, and released a 45 on "Country Jubilee" records. On the record Les is backed by His Carolinians and the two songs released was "'They Said it Couldn't Be Done" & "The Wife Of A Hard Working Man", both songs are hillbilly.

In 1963 Les made one of his most famous recordings on Flop records. The songs "Got It Made (In The Shade)" & "A Country Boy`s Lament" was produced by Les himself and custom pressed by Starday . On the songs Les is accompanied by Wade & Mickey on bass and electric guitar. Wade & Mickey are probably the same guys who played on Les first record in 1955.

Les used to hang out at a store in Franklin called "Loafers Glory". In 1966 he even wrote and recorded a song about it. The song was released on Flop records with the b-side "Funny Feeling".

He was also a very strong Democrat. Which you can hear in a song he wrote and recorded in 1974 about president Richard Nixon called "Watergate Bugs". He almost got arrested when him and a Buddy of his let a Donkey loose at a Republican convention in Asheville, NC.

Les was a moonshiner and because of drinking for many years he suffered major heart failure at age 39. He died on September 1, 1989 in Tallulah Fall, Georgia from a heart attack.

Les band member Wade now runs a show called the "Grand Ole Uproar" on Saturday nights with his brother Steve.

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1955 - Centennial 1525 - Les Waldroop His Carolinians - Centennial Boogie / Shenandoah / Lil LIza Jane

1955 - Potter 1008  - Les Waldroop & His Carolinians - I Love Dixie / Moonlight’s A Wasting

1959 - Country Jubilee 959 - Les Waldrop & His Carolinians - They Said it Couldn't Be Done / The Wife Of A Hard Working Man

1963 - Flop 1012 - Les Waldroop Accomp by Wade & Mickey - Got It Made (In The Shade) / A Country Boy`s Lament

1966 - Flop 065 - Les Waldrop - Loafers Glory / Funny Feeling

1974 - Me Too 4920 - Les Waldroop - Diesel Fuel / Chunky Gal

1974 - Me Too 27483 - Les Waldroop - Watergate Bugs / Moonlight's a-Wastin'


1962 Harron 995 (Cleaveland, Ohio) Ernest Stacey & Harlin Kazy - I Do / I Made Up My Mind

Ernest Stacey Vocal & Guitar, Harlin Kazy Vocal & Fiddle, Fonnice Murdock Dobro and Eddie Murdock Bass.

Harlin Kazy: Born October 14, 1919 in Tennessee.

                           Died July 30, 2010 in Cleaveland, Ohio.

Ernest & Harlin recorded a total of 3 records together in the early 1960s before they went seperate ways.

Harlin Kazy then decided to stop singing secular bluegrass and moved into bluegrass gospel. He played in many different bands during his long career in Bluegrass music. He was with The Effort For Christ Singers with The Murdock Brothers, then The Sons of The Gospel for several years, then The United Gospel Tones out of United Freewill Baptist Church in Cleaveland, and then he played with The Ohio Bluegrass Gospel Boys until about 2 or 3 years before he passed away.

Photo left to right: Archie Green, Harlin Kazy, Fonnice Murdock, Eddie Murdock and Delbert Massey. Fonnice and Eddie Murdock released several gospel records as the Murdock Brothers during the 1960s.

Thanks to Harlin Kazys grandson Paul.

Rare Starday Custom 45s that was unlisted before i found them.

1026 - The Byrd Family - Theres A Light At The River / The Purple Rove (Faith) (Country Gospel)

1058 - Tennessee Stephens Quartette - When He Calls I`ll Fly Away / Way Down In My Soul (Overton) (Country Gospel)

1150 - The Singing Burwells - The Only Place For Me (Olney) ( Country)

1162 - Marguerite Sanders - Second Fiddle To An Old Guitar (Star) (Hillbilly Bop)

 1026-starday-custom-the-byrd-family-country-gospel-filer.jpg tennesee-stephens-starday-custom-1058-country-gospel.jpg

 1150-the-singing-burwells-the-only-place-for-me-starday-custom-country.jpg 1162-marguerite-sanders-second-fiddle-to-an-old-guitar.png



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