Hopeless Homer

Real name Harvey Chambers, singer from Louisiana. He wrote and recorded music with his wife Mattie Chambers. In 1955 they did one of their first recordings on the JET label in Hollywood, California, owned by country singer Bennie Hess. The two songs released was Gumbo Jubilee & Crawfish Gumbo, both uptempo hillbilly.

They had song writing contracts with Acuff Rose Publishing Company and always wrote their own songs. The most succesful song they wrote was a tune called "Big Sandy" that was recorded by Little Jimmy Dickens in 1956.

Like many country singers in the late 1950s Harvey Chambers decided to try his hand at rock n roll music and In 1957 he recorded his most famous songs, "New Way Rockin" & "Girl In Red Blue Jeans" on Goldband records in Lake Charles, Louisiana. On these songs Chambers is playing lead guitar and singing as Hopeless Homer.

Harvey Chambers died at age 41 from lung cancer.


1955 JET 1923 - Harvey Chambers His Southland Guitar & Bayou Strings - Gumbo Jubilee / Crawfish Gumbo

1957 Goldband 1040 - Hopeless Homer - New Way Rockin / The Girl In The Red Blue Jeans


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