The Rock-Its

The Rock-Its


Songs:Don't Stop Don't Stop / Frankie And Johnnie.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Year:Circa 1956. Listen to "Dont Stop" Song sample, Listen to "Frankie And Johnnie" Song sample

This is what lead guitar player Marvin Ross told me in 2011:

 "The record was produced by the bartender in an after hour's club in Des Moines to sell in the club. He had only about 200 copies pressed and sold all I guess, I have one (1) copy, that I found in the old farm House in Iowa when my brother sold. I spoke with the owner of RCS a classic Rock & Roll site, he told me the origional records were very rare & hard to find.
. We recorded it in the living room of the only recording studio we could find in Des Moines Iowa,appx 1955-56 Shortly after that I left to Denver Colorado and joined with Lee Picket & the Screamers & recorded "Fatty Patty" Which went in to the top 20 nationwide on Billboard. I now just work on CD's in my home . Again thanks for the interest."
Marvin Ross

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